I help my clients grow their business by building their brand with authenticity & connection

My approach is comprehensive

To help understand how I work, I’ve outlined my approach to brand and marketing projects below.

I regularly check in with my clients and provide ongoing oversight to ensure all brand and marketing activities continue to be aligned with their business strategy and objectives.

Step 1: Uncover insights, gain clarity

Knowing what makes you unique in your clients’ eyes brings clarity to your brand direction.

Ensuring your new brand or marketing strategy is informed by market, audience and staff insights will ultimately determine your brand’s success.

My approach is comprehensive. I start every project with a research and consultation phase – across the market, your key stakeholders and your own business strategy – to inform the development of your strategy.

An outside-in view will uncover your organisation’s strengths, weaknesses and perceived value.

From reviewing your business plan to conducting interviews with customers and surveys with staff, I gather as much insight as possible to build a robust and authentic brand.

Step 2: Create strategy informed by insights

I create strategies that are intelligent, considered and comprehensive. They form the foundation on which to build your connection with your audiences.

Whether developing a brand strategy for your whole business or a marketing strategy for a part of your business, your strategy provides the key ingredients for your plan to go to market and connect with your audiences.

After analysing research findings, I develop a brand strategy that encapsulates who you are and what you stand for, including your vision and mission, brand values and your promise to clients.

Next, I develop your tailored marketing strategy that identifies your audience needs, key messages and a strategic approach across all channels and touch points.

Step 3: Develop a plan for delivery

Tailoring to your budget, resources and in-house capability, your marketing plan will be focused on high-impact activities to achieve the best results for your brand.

Informed by your strategy, I build a comprehensive marketing and communications plan to target the right people in the right way and help you achieve your business objectives.

I develop plans that tailor to your audience and identify opportunities for your brand, product or service across all areas.

Targeted activities might include web and digital, content, email marketing, video, PR, events, sales tools and marketing materials, brand initiatives, partnership and sponsorship activities, merchandise and more.

Step 4: Take your new brand or service to market

Aligning your people with your brand will ensure your brand’s resilience in the market.

Your brand is your people. Your go-to-market approach should not only be focused on external communications, it should also build brand engagement and ownership within your teams.

I facilitate a range of internal communications and engagement activities to build your brand from the inside out and support your marketing efforts.

I can assist with your launch to market and ongoing marketing communications delivery as an extended member of your team, in the way that works best for you. I’ll help you connect with your audience and build long-lasting and fruitful relationships.

A network of experts

I often collaborate with a network of experts to deliver comprehensive and seamless end-to-end service across brand, marketing, digital and communications.

We work as one team:

Digital experts across website, platform and app development
Designers for visual identity and design
PR and Media practitioners
Content, communications and social media tacticians

As a senior strategist with years of marketing and communications experience, alongside project management expertise, I ensure all services are integrated and delivered to plan, optimising connection, engagement and results for your brand.

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