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Kind words

Serena was engaged to help us review our brand and develop a brand strategy. Being a 40-year-old business, I was unsure what would be uncovered. Serena interviewed our leadership team, customers, suppliers and surveyed our staff, and researched our market. From these insights, she built a comprehensive brand strategy to support our growth plans, including our vision, mission, positioning and messaging to steer our brand, inside and out.

After doing her research, Serena came back with the news that our name, Computer Merchants, was pigeonholing our brand and inhibiting our growth. We took her advice and proceeded on a project to change our name and undergo a full rebrand program underpinned by Serena’s strategy. We changed our name to Truis (derived from Altruism), followed Serena’s communication plan and successfully launched our new brand.

We are grateful that we were introduced to Serena. Her work has had a positive effect on our business. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers and our staff are proud of our new name and brand. The new brand just makes us better: it tells our story, guides our decisions and livens up our office. Thank you, Serena, for having such a big impact on our people and business.

Norm Jefferies

Managing Director, Truis

We had the pleasure of working with Serena when she was recommended by our creative partner Driven to develop a Marketing Strategy and Plan for our Wealth Management team. It was so valuable having the whole process – from market research to a detailed activity plan – independently facilitated by Serena and having her expert, fresh eyes in the team. It was great how quickly she just got us – who we are, what we’re about and how we do things. Serena immediately picked up on our ideal client background and this was all brought through in what she produced for us. Her strategic approach, the deep thought she put into it and her comprehensive level of detail made it so easy for our team to follow her guidance, tools and plan. Serena’s work is propelling us to achieve key business objectives for the Wealth Management team and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an accomplished strategic partner to help steer their business. 

Jodie Dunstan

Chief Operating Officer, Ulton

I’ve known Serena for several years now; initially through her work at QCOSS (from the Board), and subsequently when I engaged her for a project at Save The Children (Australian Services). She is a consummate professional and I’ve enjoyed working with her each time.

The new vision, brand strategy and messaging she developed for QCOSS were spot on and still guide our tone and intent many years on. They steered us into our next phase, informed our strategic plan and helped the team flourish. At Save The Children, her stakeholder research and recommendations on brand strategy informed what is now a new brand for our services in Australia, as part of a wider group project underway.  Serena’s insights and recommendations were instrumental in making this happen. Her work created the ‘burning platform’ for change we needed and the catalyst for us to rebrand, based on an understanding of what was and is most important to the children and families we work with and our other key stakeholders. 

Serena is always cognisant of the children and families we support and digs deep to ensure her brand and communication solutions are rooted in evidence and led by their voices. Strategic and analytical, she’s an invested partner who’s committed to delivering what’s in their best interest, so we can better communicate, connect and engage with them.

In addition to her professional skills and abilities, Serena is a wonderful human and I’m grateful that she’s always willing to support however she can. I recall a time she was happy to help with CEO recruitment communication at QCOSS, as it was important we had her brand strategy and messaging shape the most important decision a board can make. I look forward to working with Serena again and highly recommend her to any not-for-profit organisation that needs an experienced and understanding partner to overcome brand and engagement challenges, and position themselves for the future.

Matt Gardiner

CEO, 54 Reasons (Save The Children Australia)

Serena is a consummate professional who delivers strategic communications of the highest calibre.  Knowing of her great work for QCOSS before I joined as CEO, I approached Serena to support us through a crucial, organisation-wide change in strategic direction. She developed a robust communications strategy and action plan for our diverse stakeholders with clear and connected messaging, content and resources to support our execution. Her knowledge of us and our ethos, as well as her expertise in strategy and change communications, brought a depth of understanding and empathy to what was a sensitive project.  I found Serena to be intuitive, responsive and thoroughly comprehensive at each stage, from briefing to delivery. She adapted quickly to obstacles and helped bring clarity to a complex situation. Her insights and recommendations were valuable to our process and I felt truly supported by Serena through a critical time. I would highly recommend Serena’s consulting services.

Aimee McVeigh


Serena developed the new vision, brand strategy and narrative for QCOSS, in our 60th anniversary year. A significant project, her work has informed our strategic plan and how we engage people to achieve our vision. Her comprehensive process included consultation and engagement with our Board, staff and key stakeholders to gather valuable insights and ensure everyone had the opportunity to help shape our new direction. Serena’s work is always impressive. Her research, strategic thinking and well-crafted words have generated a tremendously positive response from our staff and stakeholders, and I’m excited about the impact on our work.  I’ve engaged Serena for several projects over the years and hope for more opportunities in future.

Mark Henley


I engaged Serena as a Brand and Marketing Strategist to help us achieve our growth strategy and she has since completed several projects for us, including:  market research, strategy development, visual identify refresh, and marketing and communications planning.  Most recently, we have continued her engagement as a marketing coach and mentor to our new marketing coordinator.  At all times I have found Serena to be extremely professional, with excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Her attention to detail, and consistent follow up, has ensured delivery of the outcomes we required, in the timeframes we required.  The brand strategy Serena developed has given us a strong foundation on which to build our profile and enhance our engagement and communication with clients. An unexpected bonus has been Serena’s network within the marketing community, which has helped with design and editorial work.  Our decision to outsource our marketing strategy to Serena, rather than insource, has significantly improved the quality of our marketing planning and execution, and increased our ROI on marketing spend.

Glenda Solomon

Former Owner & Sales Director, SureBridge

Serena is a thorough and thoughtful professional who brings a depth and wide range of experience and understanding to her work. She delivers both high level strategic advice and attention to detail in execution and delivery. Serena is flexible, adaptable and always willing to help build solutions and outcomes around shifting timeframes and objectives. She is very client-focused, sensitive to the needs of individuals and organisations and tactful in her delivery of advice and guidance. I have enjoyed getting to know and work with Serena over the last few months and look forward to continuing our working relationship.

Balveen Ajimal

Chief Operating Officer, Cancer Council Queensland (former CEO, Brisbane Women's Club)

Serena has been a trusted partner of AGE for more than 2 years.  She is methodical, thorough and committed to excellent outcomes and deliverables at all times, from her brand perception research and development of our brand strategy, through to bringing it to life in our rebrand and marketing implementation.  Excellent at multi-stakeholder management, she manages difficult conversations with compassion and assertiveness, while staying focused on solutions.

Crucially for us, Serena understands the implications for our clients and our scientists of the highly technical concepts and models we work with, and is a word wizard with just the right approach. She is flexible and understanding, and has been patient when progress is held up on occasion by our commercial priorities. Serena’s consideration of our growth and strategic plans, along with deep client analysis to understand our competitive advantages, has ensured that our branding and communications pitch us at the right audience in tone and content. Strategic, calm and pragmatic, Serena remains a highly valued partner and we’ll continue to seek her guidance to ensure we follow the brand strategy and direction she carved out for us.

Ann Houston

Head of Environment, Social & Governance, Sojitz Blue (former Business & Growth Manager, AGE Consultants)

Serena is crazy-impressive with her strategy, her sense-making and her solutions. While I was the Campaign Manager at Logan Together, I had the pleasure of working with Serena as she did the impossible… she brought sense and strategy to a very complex branding situation that sought to connect with multiple stakeholders with different agendas and motivations.

Serena developed a new brand strategy and architecture for Logan Together during a crucial time of strategic review and planning. Her process brought much welcomed clarity to a busy executive team pulled in many directions. She immediately understood the movement’s challenges and ambitions, and the nuances of a collective impact cause supported by a backbone team. One that needs to listen to a diversity of voices and collaborate with the community to make change together.

Following her research (with the team and community) and analysis, she created a strategy that perfectly highlighted the community movement, the work, and the children and families Logan Together supports. She developed a clear positioning and brand story, and also advised on opportunities and things to address to reach our goals. Serena’s recommendations were highly valued and informed our approach heading into the next five-year roadmap.

Serena was thorough and analytical, but also creative and understanding of stakeholder and community considerations: not usually characteristics found in one consultant. Her professional and warm manner immediately reassured internal and external stakeholders. Serena’s work had a great impact and I highly recommend her. In fact, I have already referred her to a valued colleague who works in a national organisation and I look forward to seeing more of her work in future!

Victoria Parker

CEO, The Lady Musgrave Trust (former Campaign Manager, Logan Together)

Following a business review recommendation, we engaged Serena to prepare a brand strategy for our environmental consulting business. I thought we were embarking on a new logo but gradually through Serena’s process, I discovered just how much more there is to a company brand and how much the strategy was actually giving us. Serena carefully gathered information on the business, interviewing a range of stakeholders and listening intently. As a picture of the business was built up Serena was able to provide us with a range of powerful insights we just could not have achieved without her. She helped us understand our brand more deeply, and more confidently chart a purposeful strategic course aligned with our values. Her brand strategy also provided helpful guidance for our team about who we are, and assisted in attracting new staff. We subsequently sought her expertise for our marketing and roll-out of the new brand.  I would highly recommend Serena to any small to medium size business wanting to more deeply understand and promote their brand.

James Tomlin

Technical Director | Principal Hydrogeologist, Australasian Groundwater & Environmental (AGE) Consultants

Serena was engaged to help Mipac with a strategy for business growth, which included the brand and communications, luckily a great choice! Serena’s innate ability to understand and extract information from all parties, both internal and external, was a key success factor alongside her expertise in developing and executing a brand strategy. Serena’s refreshing authenticity together with an effective communications plan resonated with the audience and enabled significant growth for the Mipac business. We retain Serena’s expertise to ensure the Mipac brand is maximised, which for me continues our enjoyable collaborations.
Darren Hill

National Business Manager - Digital Solutions, Alliance Automation (former Business Development Manager, Mipac)

We engaged Serena’s expertise during a time of change for our company, when undertaking a review of our strategic direction. We needed a new brand strategy to align with where we wanted to take the business and support our growth plans.  Serena’s comprehensive, evidence-based process was a breath of fresh air and she brought a depth of insight and clarity to our brand direction.  Serena is excellent at what she does.  She was highly professional, supportive and an invaluable partner throughout the project, always taking the time to listen and really understand the root of the issue. The strategy she developed for Hydric perfectly articulates our essence, including our values, vision and positioning. She’s played a crucial role in steering our business into the future and I’d highly recommend her services to anyone looking to do the same.

Eoin McCarthy

Partner, Hydric

Serena is the ultimate professional. We have worked together on several projects and her work has been exceptional. She’s thoughtful and strategic, very results focused and has a terrific way of engaging and motivating clients. Serena’s strength is clearly in corporate branding and messaging and, in working with our team, has added real value to the outcomes for our clients.

Lisa Nixon

Director, BBS Communications

Serena is a highly experienced Brand Strategist and has been a valuable partner of ours for several years. We’ve had the opportunity to work with her strategy – across brand, marketing and communications – on many occasions and her expertise has helped us create memorable and effective branding solutions.  Her research and consultation approach with stakeholders, inside and out, is particularly comprehensive and insightful.  She develops strategy that truly captures an organisation’s heart and soul.  Her work steers their strategic direction, opens up new opportunities and unifies their teams.  She is professional and approachable and I’ve seen her fit seamlessly into any project dynamic with a diverse range of clients on significant transformation projects. I always look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Ben Maunder

Managing Director, Driven

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