Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is about uncovering who you are, what you stand for and how you help your customers in line with your business objectives.

Does your organisation need to refresh its brand strategy?

There is a mismatch between how you see your business and how your customers see you

Maybe you’ve recently gone through an organisational restructure? Have added new products to your suite? Or there’s new competition in your market?

Businesses grow, adapt and transform, which means your brand strategy needs to as well.

Business opportunities are being missed because customers don’t know what you offer

If your customers don’t know who you are, what you stand for and how you help them, they are less likely to engage with your business.

Having an effective brand strategy is about more than your logo, you need to deliver what you say you will. How you talk about your business in the marketplace and how your staff interact with your customers daily needs to deliver the same experience.

A brand strategy will ensure your brand is recognised and trusted by your customers

It’s time to uncover who you are, what you stand for and how you help your customers.

I create brand strategies that are informed by market, customer and staff insights. This ensures your brand strategy captures the essence of your business and communicates the right message. Your brand strategy will form the foundation for all your marketing and communications.

You can only differentiate yourself from your competitors and develop brand recognition, awareness and customer loyalty when you build your brand based on authenticity – the real perceptions and experiences of your staff and customers.

My brand strategy service is my signature package and incorporates all of my other services

It is best suited to businesses and brands who are ready to undergo a comprehensive and tailored audit and research exercise to develop their strategy and marketing and communications plan.

My brand strategy service includes:

Research, review and consultation

From reviewing your business plan and researching your market to conducting research interviews, this phase is about gathering as much insight as possible to inform your strategy and marketing plan.

Strategy development

I use research findings to develop a strategy that encapsulates who you are and what you stand for, including your value proposition, brand personality, brand story and your promise to clients.

Once your brand strategy is complete, a tailored marketing strategy that identifies your unique positioning, marketing objectives, audiences and their needs and key messaging is developed.

Visual identity design (if required)

Translating the brand strategy into its visual application (logo, colour palette, fonts and style guide), to ensure it matches your new brand strategy and messaging.

Marketing and communications planning

Informed by your strategy, I create a comprehensive marketing and communications plan taking into consideration your audience needs and insights, and details recommendations for marketing and communications activities, priorities, content, channels and implementation schedule.

Execution in the market: staff engagement, marketing and communications delivery

This phase is focused on engaging staff through brand training workshops and tools, and rolling out the marketing and communications program to ensure end-to-end delivery of your brand, from strategy to market.

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Brands that are not authentic and consistent at every customer touch point struggle to meet their business objectives. A strategy will build cohesion and connection for your brand.

Need to transform your brand but aren’t sure where to start?

I help will help uncover who you are, what you stand for and how you help your customers in line with your business objectives.

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