Brand & Marketing Workshops

Brand and marketing workshops with your staff are a great way to capture your team’s insights and ensure they understand your business strategy and support your brand transformation.

Does your organisation need help to engage staff and
drive your brand transformation?

Your staff aren’t your biggest
advocates anymore

You’re going through a period of transformation and you need everyone on board but your staff feel like they aren’t being nurtured, informed and consulted.

It’s important you encourage and collect their valuable insights because they are the people on the frontline, connecting and engaging with your suppliers, partners and customers.

You’re putting a lot of time, resources and money into this business transformation

If you don’t engage your staff now they could resist the change and you run the risk of brand confusion and failure.

Your staff are living and breathing embodiments of your brand. You need them to have an invested interest, understanding, commitment and enthusiasm for change.

Workshops are the easiest way to get everyone on the same page

They are a great way to ensure your team understands your business strategy, supports your brand transformation and are living your brand.

Ideally, you’d run a brand and marketing workshop whenever you update your business strategy or want to refresh your brand and marketing strategies.

My brand and marketing workshops:

Gather valuable insights from groups that embody your brand everyday: senior leadership teams and staff representatives from all areas
Ask teams to inform brand development by sharing what is and isn’t working
Capture valuable insights about what makes your brand special from the people who interact with your customers every day
Ensure everyone feels involved in the transformation and is being consulted

Bringing your staff along on your brand transformation will help them live and breathe your brand in everything they do, every day.

Your brand is your people!

Make them feel heard and consulted at a brand and marketing workshop today.

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