Market Pulse Check

A market pulse check is for when you aren’t sure how your clients feel about you or what they want from your brand.

Do you need to find out what your clients need
and want from you?

You aren’t sure where your place is in the market and if your clients want what you offer

You’re trying anything and everything to see if something sticks.

Sales are continuing to drop, staff morale is low and you’re falling behind your competitors but you can’t pinpoint the cause.

You’re spending money faster than you’re making it

If you don’t stop and take stock now your competitors are going to overtake you.

Differentiating yourself from your competitors and building brand recognition, awareness and client loyalty is hard when you don’t know the market gaps and how your business can fill them.

A market pulse check can inform your new brand strategy

Find out how your clients feel about you and what they want from you directly from the source.

Giving your clients what they want, when and how they want it is easy when you know what they expect from you. Conducting marketing research and consulting with your clients is the best place to start when developing your new brand strategy. It can also inform your business strategy to ensure it matches your clients’ expectations.

Taking the time to assess the market before you change directions will save you time and money.

My market pulse check service includes:

Gathering as much insight as possible from your clients, suppliers and key internal stakeholders through face-to-face or phone interviews to inform your brand strategy, marketing strategy and marketing communications plan
Providing market and client insights to help your business strategy development process
Reviewing your business strategy to ensure business goals and market insights are aligned

Knowing what your clients truly feel about you will give you great insights to help tailor your brand and marketing and meet their expectations.

Inform your decision making

Get a market pulse check today.

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